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Enjoy Group Sessions or One on One Personal Sessions

I have developed a range of classes to fit the specific needs of my clients, including personal training. Along with my one-on-one sessions, attending my classes provides a more social way of getting fit and the enjoyment of being part of a group working towards a common goal. Take a look at what I offer and sign up for a session today.


Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for Endurance Training, and there is a good reason for it! There’s no better way to develop strength, flexibility, and balance than through this method. Let me help you improve your fitness and overall health in a safe and energising way.


If you’re looking for a new and exciting approach to health and fitness, then you might be interested in my Weight Training class. This is for individuals who want to learn how to push themselves to, and beyond, their physical and mental limits. Weight Lifting is a great addition to a healthy fitness plan. We use a variety of equipment ranging from Dumbbells & Kettlebells to Weighted Bars & Core Bags.


'in a relaxed and enjoyable environment'

Group 1 Hour Classes We Cover;

  • Legs, Bums & Tums

  • Core Stability

  • S.A.Q.

  • Kettlebell

  • Bootcamp

  • Insanity

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Boxing/Boxercise

  • Circuit Training

  • HIIT Workout

  • Stretch and Tone

  • Weight and Resistance

  • Body Pump

Plus many more...

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